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Frequently Asked Questions

What Insurance cover does Wellsolved have?

The business carries £2m of public liability insurance.

Does Wellsolved use professional equipment?

As you would expect all tools used are either trade or industry rated.

Can Wellsolved supply materials?

All materials are sourced from trade outlets on business account.

What are Wellsolved's working hours?

Hours of work generally tend to be 09.00 to 17.00 including sourcing materials and can go over weekends to suit requirements.

What if Wellsolved can't tackle some aspect of the job I want done?

If the work is outside our capabilities this will be advised and another tradesman may be recommended.

How can I make payment to Wellsolved?

Payment may be by cheque, internet bank transfer or cash either by stage payment or upon completion.

Can I book Wellsolved to carry out work between specific dates?

If a specific date(s) is required please specify start date and duration (away on holiday etc) and any particular conditions of access/storage you may have. Whilst every effort is given to start work on a specified date this may alter especially if the work is dependent on weather conditions or third party actions. Numerous customers are very happy to leave us house keys to complete work while they are away on holiday. It saves leaving the lights on!

How is work costed?

Labour is charged by the half or whole day and larger tasks are either fixed price or labour and materials, depending on the customer requirement and or uncertainty of what 'structural' problems may be uncovered as work progresses. Materials sourced by the business are charged for upon invoice. Additional work required over and above original quote/estimate will be charged at day rate or agreement depending on size.

What are the payment terms?

Terms of business are payment within 30 days of invoice, title to materials transferred upon payment.

Will I be charged VAT?

No. Wellsolved is not VAT registered.

Is Wellsolved certified to carry out gas and electrical work?

Wellsolved can supply fully qualified tradespeople where necessary.

Does Wellsolved undertake Risk Assesment?

Health and safety is all our concern so a risk assesment is made for varied tasks.

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